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Nsite Health is a wellness focused company helping individuals & families secure genetic tests that may reveal the propensity of cancer based on DNA. These test results help individuals & families make lifestyle choices & health decisions, and are often covered by insurance companies, medicare, medicaid, we have a mission of providing leading diagnostic services for our clients, whether private or public services. We are dedicated to providing medical practitioners with incontestably accurate results from a long list of clinical laboratory tests which are carried out by experts in their respective fields. Our laboratory is located in Atlanta, and you can contact us to book an appointment on the form below.

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Our laboratory is well equipped with a wide range of up-to-date analytical instruments, all of which are regularly serviced to ensure that all of our testing runs smoothly. In addition, we utilise modern information systems and technology to ensure that we can keep track of all samples. All of the tests that we carry out follow strict testing protocols and we also implement regular quality control checks, so that you can be sure your samples have been accurately analysed.


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